Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV2)


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The plant Earth we live in today seems to be more different in our eyes. Different in the means of communication, different in the means of social life, and we can find difference everywhere. This reminds of a famous saying,

“Change is something that doesn’t change.”


And what is the reason behind all these changes?

Yes friends, here I am going to discuss on some of the common topics where the so called “Novel Corona Virus – COVID-19” comes into the play.

What's in the name?

This thought has flashed in my mind very often. Unless, I came to know what exactly it meant. Why the word “novel”?


Novel Corona Virus (nCoV)

The term “novel virus” means, a virus which is new to human race. In another term, a virus which has not been identified before.

Corona Virus Structure
Microscopic image showing nCoV (yellow colour) among human cells.

Causes and symptoms

Every happening has a beginning and ending. 

And so does Corona.

Experts believe that the corona virus outbreak likely originated in bats or pangolins, and spread through human transmission in Wuhan city of China. The reason behind this might be due to the biological traits between bats and the hosts.

This ongoing coronavirus pandemic happens among humans through man-to-man contact in close communities.

Droplets containing the virus from an nCoV positive patient can fall on the surface nearby him through his/her nose, eyes or mouth. When a healthy person comes in contact with these droplets, the virus transmits into his body.

Now, when speaking about the symptoms it can be,

  • Fever
  • Nasal congestion
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Tiredness
  • Dry Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea

In most of the cases, it takes about 14 days for a person to start showing the symptoms after he comes in contact with the virus. And new studies shows that 10% of the cases gets affected without showing any symptoms.

Social Distancing

So, what is “Social Distancing?

The cause factor, “man-to-man contact” which we discussed above can be reduced to a great extent by following social distancing. This not only apply for nCoV, but for the spread of all the contagious diseases. This should be followed more strictly if our close contact person falls sick, or shows any disease symptoms.

And now our entire planet is pushed to practice this social distancing theory.

Is Social distancing a boon or bane?

This has lots of boon factors physically to maintain health safety. But, there are situations where this turns out to be a big bane in our day-to-day life.

Taking an example of my country, India. Lots of people among us tend to be losing their means of income (lockdown unemployment) as majority of the population here are depending on daily wages. When it comes to such factors, it seems as if we are pushing ourselves into minor troubles (comparing to the problems caused by COVID-19) to save us from landing into another major problem.

On the otherside, our mother nature is getting so much purified due to lack of polluted environment which always showed up to be a persistent problem prevailing in the surrounding. Daily reports provides us with information on how much this social distancing is affecting our environment on a positive side.

It is very much suitable to say, “Earth is under maintenance”.

Social Distancing Distance

Our Daily Super Heroes

“The current Covid crisis will throw more definitive ideas of heroism into spotlight”

                                                                                                               – Philip Zimbardo

Everybody, who lives a life for a cause are real life heroes. And so are our coronavirus heroes.


They are none other than our medical and medical related professionals, cops, corporation workers, volunteers and delivery person. It would be injustice if I don’t include these people in the list. Retailers and small scale people, who all still keep their business running to help public to meet their daily needs.

Then, all their family members, who haven’t said ‘no’ to step into the society to do their heroic job.

Amidst all their hard times, if we look back, are they given the privilege for their sacrifice?

Answer is a big NO

Human mind lacks being thankful at times. Even if not being thankful, the least help we can do to these helpers is allowing them to lead their normal life. But, do we? We come across in daily news how doctors are abused by public, neighbours not allowing these social workers to stay next to them, doctor being abused in corona wards and what not!!! Pathetic world!!

So, what have these heroes sacrificed?

We may ask, “So, what’s the big deal in doing their duty?, and of course they earn from that!”.

True indeed!!

But, where it has been posted in their job description?? – “Risk your own life to earn”.

Today, their career is providing them with more risk than providing money.

Please keep in mind,

Heroes are rare to find, but now, they are seen everywhere. 

A picture dedicated to our Super Heroes by my sibling


Definition of Lockdown – It is a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure. (Wikipedia explains).

But, how many of us see this lockdown as per this explanation??

We just see this as a huge punishment. Neither do we know the importance, nor we act according to the rules.

Yes, I do agree. There are lots of unexpected and never before experience we face day to day. Still there are bundle of moments we cant create out of it.

There is a saying, “If one door shuts down, you will find another door opening.

So true.

Amidst of all the difficulties we have been coming across during this curfew, there is a single large happiness that we have got. An opportunity which we would never get in our regular daily routine days.

Yes, its family time

All work and no play, this is the lifestyle which we are living and to which we have adapted to. This curfew has given a break to this lifestyle.

Once thought mandatory means of entertainments like, malls, theaters, restaurants, clubs and much more, are all out of reach. And life has taught us to live without them. Now we know more how to live with our family, just with our family alone.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

                                               -Michael J. Fox

          This pandemic/widespread disease has a lot more to bring on it’s way. As a responsible citizen of each country, it is our duty to follow the rules and regulations that are put forth by our Government. Our safety is in our hands, along with others. For, this is not just an one-man disease. And please understand all the difficulties for the people who working outside for our safety. 

They are all worth the meaning of heroes – “Peolpe who are admired for their outstanding achievements or noble qualities to serve the society.”

The utmost help which we can do for them is to,

Stay home, Stay safe. 

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV2)
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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV2)
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