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Our Education system has faced lots of changes from time to time. This year 2020 had given the utmost add-on to its trend.

Once Real; Now Virtual

Yes, the culture of moving from Traditional classrooms to Virtual ones. Computer monitors and mobile screens have changed into our blackboards. When there are still lots of pros and cons with this methodology, our life has to move on with this. Let’s discuss some ways which help us to make this a better one.

Manage your Time

The early bird catches its prey.

Plan ahead, keep things ready beforehand. In virtual class its all about being on time. Keeping your study materials and the medium of online well prepared beforehand helps you a lot. It’s just like packing your bag with books according to your daily timetable while you leave for school and being on time at your study place before the session starts. 

Similarly in an online class, your training institute/school will provide you with a meeting ID and password before the session commences. Some online portals will lag efficiency of handing the session traffic (i.e., crashing of portal or app when more number of students join in). Try logging in as soon as possible to escape from traffic issues. 

Be Active


If you want to bring the classroom atmosphere, Interaction and Active participation paves the best solution for this. 

Use all the options to interact with your tutor. Every online portal or app (like Zoom app, Google classooms and much more) provides its method of interacting option. Get to know yours and make use of them to the fullest. Sometimes due to technical issues or human errors, your host might miss your interaction, so don’t give up. 

If needed, do check if there is a way you could reach out to the tutor offline after class to clarify any doubts without disturbing their personal duties.


Grow your Peer Network

Get to know your peers or fellow classmates. Interact with them. Discuss with them. Create a virtual study group with them. This would be helpful to clarify your doubts, sharing subject knowledge, and assignment discussions.

Block all the Distracting Applications


These digital devices do have a lot of applications running in the background which poses a great challenge to our concentration. 

Struggling against distractions?

Try to avoid them. If you can’t have that self-control, go ahead, block all those distracting apps. There are other blocking and productivity apps to help you stay focused. 

Choose the Right Learning Environment

Work and Study environment should be like a playground; not like a battleground.

Since we are not in our traditional classrooms, there are more possibilities for our environment to bring in disturbances. So select a peaceful environment which helps you learn best.

Demonstrated Self-Motivation

Tell your mind,

“My online class is my real class. I find everything in my real class here. I have my trainer, fellow students, and my stationary. As an add-on, I have my sweet home environment. And of all, it’s not just about books and exams, I am going to learn something new today. Let me rock!!”

You can modify this statement as you wish. But do believe me; This motivation rocks!!! And you will find magic in this… Your e-learning will turn into enjoyable-learning. 

Do keep in mind, whether be online or offline, you are paying for it!!


Digital Healthcare

There are points to be noted even after your session has ended. Improper care of these will lead to other sorts of health issues which in turn affects you attention in class.

We have heard people saying, consistent use of digital devices poses a challenge to our health and stress factor. But this pandemic Covid-19 situation has forced us to do this as our daily routine. It is not only to students but to all those who have transformed home into workplace.

Digital Eyestrain

It is one of the common complaints seen in prolonged digital gadgets users. This results in lots of vision-related problems including vision blurring. Healthy food and exercises for eye ball pain will make you feel better.


Overuse Injury

It is a form of muscle pain caused due to repetitive movements and awkward postures. Sitting before computers and other digital devices for prolonged hours is a major cause of this injury.


Digital Stress

It is a factor caused due to negative communications through these digital mediums like virtual classrooms, forums, mail conversations, social media texts, and so on. In this digital world, people expect us to be in “always-yes” mode, accessible all times. Try to keep all the digital devices out of reach when you are done with study and work time. As much as possible don’t opt for any entertainment factor through these devices. Concentrate on your other hobbies and have family time. 


After all, this pandemic has taught us – our family being the ultimate destination.This is the best solution for Digital stress management.

The Pomodoro Technique

A question might have popped up in your mind. 

So how do we have fun-filled family time when we are overloaded with study work even after online sessions?

Let me introduce you’ll to a technique named “Pomodoro“. This is one of the topmost effective methods practiced by many people for time management and productivity. And it can be implemented to all our day to day tasks including study and work. 

Watch the below video to know more about this.

FACTS: Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s founded this technique. Initially Francesco used a tomato shaped kitchen timer for his studies. The word Pomodoro was derived from Italian language meaning “Tomato Sauce”.

Along with other factors, our Learning and Work-life has been pushed to face lots of challenges in this pandemic. And yes, we are getting ourselves ready to face it!!

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

Online courses/ e- learning Tips 2020
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Online courses/ e- learning Tips 2020
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