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Moving from Traditional to Online class – Pros and Cons


What is Education?
A simple definition can be given like, it is a process of acquiring knowledge and skills. Process of enlightening people to gain the necessary values with systematic theoretical and practical guidance.


So who is the person in the above picture? Many of you might like him, and many wouldn’t.

Wondering still??

He is John Amos Comenius “The Father of Modern Education”. Throughout his life, he worked for educational, scientific, and cultural cooperation, enlightenment and understanding. If he were alive today, he would be horrified by the current world’s education system. He saw God in children and wanted them to be enlightened with the glory of wisdom. But now, wisdom through education is all about money and business.
As an add on to this we have “Online Schools” emerging in its path. Let’s discuss this further below.


Education being one of the topmost affected fields which are seeing a new trend in this pandemic year 2020, has left many with a series of questions and confusion. Are the students being benefited out of this? Is this change really needed?
Like the two faces of a coin, this new online culture indeed has its own Pros and Cons.

Face to Face Interaction


Interaction is the key factor of learning with the guidance of an tutor. If you want to benefit more, you need to raise questions. But on average, 7 out of 10 people have speech anxiety.

Their anxiousness increases when the need to talk in public comes to the play. These people find an advantage in the online training courses since face to face interaction is comparatively less here. They have both the options of talking over the microphone and through a chatbox. And at times this can even pave a way to kill their speech anxiety.

But for those free interacting people, this kind of creates an uncomfortable zone. Such students find ease in a traditional classroom environment where interaction can be done at any point of time without any distraction. And lack of individual attention is greatly reduced in this case. As teachers, it’s hard for them to show this attention in an e-learning platform.

Flexibility in Learning

No need to worry about the traffic, no need to worry about leaving home an hour ahead, no need to worry about transportation, no need to worry about the weather.

You have such kind of flexible privileges in an online class. Many portals have the recording system which is a great boon factor. You can come back to check them at any point in time when needed.

This greatly reduces the commitment of students. At times they fail to cope up with time or they even tend to quit in-between the sessions since they have this flexibility freedom which can never happen in traditional classrooms.

Digitalization vs Reality in Development


With the fast-paced technology development internet has turned out to be one of the mandatory needs in our daily lives. Digitalization has become a global factor in a country’s development. And with this trend, there is a rise in people count opting for distance education via the internet. And many universities widely give recognition to these courses.

But, there is still a group of people out there who lags both in knowledge-wise and in financial status. To them, this online education trend poses a big challenge. Education is a vital need and each citizen has the right to gain knowledge. Being in this way, for sure e-learning will not be access free to these people as it is to others.

Teachers knowledge of Online Methodologies

In most of the developing countries, teachers who work with the traditional schooling structure are not trained for handling online classes.

Although they are used with technology trends, online mentoring poses a challenge to them. And they need to put extra effort to make their sessions engaging and lively. Many schools are trying to tie up with professional e-learning websites where they have trained staff for this need.
Many trainers are pushed to such uncomfortable teaching zone with the threat of salary. Parents on the other hand are compelled to pay the fee amount even or not if their children understand the subject.

Pathetic truth is, these days education is mostly being continued for payment factors rather than educating factors.

Practical Sessions


Education has it’s positive side in the practical session it offers. Apart from computer-based practical sessions, there are many more subjects which need practical classes. And they cannot be achieved without a proper lab set up. This is a major drawback in online classes. Students tend to understand theory more when they put their hands on in practice.

Higher drop out Rate

Not only schools and universities, all the other educational training institutes are forced into this online mentoring world in this pandemic year 2020. Everybody faces all the pros and cons of this system in one way or the other. Reports say that pupils come under such institutes have a higher dropout rate comparatively due to factors like lack of understanding, irregular schedules and less communication.


E-learning and digitalization seems to be in a comfortable zone in many well-developed nations where many people are already into an online educational trend. But, in the countries where they have less internet access or where they are a step behind in financial and online trends, this is a very challenging situation.

Furthermore, prolonged online classes come with lots of health complications. Schools that advised kids before on the dark side of using digital devices have now taken the wrong decision of extended e-learning sessions. Understandably, Educational Institutes are pushed to this trend due to the pandemic situation happening worldwide. Sudden shift to online is hard, but it can be made better by conducting sessions in such a way it abides with the norms and advice suggested by health specialists to avoid future physical and mental adversities. Afterall,


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Online Class Pros and Cons | During Corona 2020
Article Name
Online Class Pros and Cons | During Corona 2020
Let's discuss the pros and cons of online learning during corona lockdown 2020. How could there possibly be merits and demerits of online classes?

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