PUBG Ban in India 2020


PUBG, one of the most famous played games in recent times has been banned by the Indian government on September 02 this year. Do you know the full details on the before and after discussion after this ban? Well, continue reading.

Is PUBG a Chinese app?

Yes and No.

Wait, what?

Of course, you read it right. Brendan Greene, better known by his alias PlayerUnknown is the mastermind behind PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground). He got his inspiration through,

  • Series of a novel titled “Hunger Games”.
  • A Japanese action thriller movie, "Battle Royale". Here a group of high school students are dropped on an island where they are forced to fight provided with weapons.

Brenden was hired as the Creative Director by a South Korean gaming development company name “Bluehole”. He was assigned to work on a new Battle Royale game, now called PUBG.

The PC version of this game was released in December 2017 and was an instant success. It gave three times the profit than expected. “Tencent”, a Chinese gaming company that holds 10% of Bluehole’s stakes developed the mobile version of PUB-G. This was released in the year 2018. So, PUBG is not a Chinese game, besides, its mobile version was coded by a Chinese company. Hence the answer.

PUBG mobile game addiction

As per the statistics, from the date of release till August 2020 this game had a peak of 443.39 thousand downloads worldwide. January 2018 has recorded the highest download rate of about 3.24 million hits. 


case study by Quartz in the year 2018 announced that PUB-G was more played in India than in China. Their survey said that 62% out of 1000 Indian people were addicted to this game with the majority of age groups scattered between 16 to 24. There are lots of addictive games like PUBG but still, this serves first in the queue because of these three factors,

  • Almost all the necessary features are available at free of cost.
  • Playing with your peers.
  • Finally, the victory of standing alone after defeating the other 99 creates a prestigious feeling. Nevertheless, this is an add-on score, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

These were the warning signs noted in people getting addicted to PUBG,

  • Prolonged hours of playing causes nerve damage.
  • Lack of involvement and concentration in other tasks.
  • Lack of communication with the real world.

Also, there were some cases where monetary losses took place to get some paid features of the game. In India, this has become the top frequently played games during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Reason for PUBG Mobile ban in India

Will PUBG be banned in India?  

The Indian Government has finally answered to this question.

Under section 69A of the Information Technology Act, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has banned several mobile apps that pose a threat of activities against India’s sovereignty, defense, and security of states and public order. PUBG mobile is one such app to be banned on this list. They share Indian people’s information to store in other country servers which is against the norms of national security. This highly comes under consideration these days due to the India-China border crisis.

10 Facts about PUBG

  1. Have you ever wondered the reason behind this name ‘PUBG’? Its creator Brendan Greene was also an ardent gamer and the name he uses as a player is ‘PlayerUnknown’. This answers your question.
  2. Initially, there were two mobile versions of the game, Exhilarating Battlefield, and PUBG: Army Attack. The first one got a better response than the Army Attack, so that was the version launched worldwide as “PUBG Mobile”.
  3. Why was PUBG Mobile Lite introduced? These game types usually require devices that support high-end graphic designs. But not all users (especially in the developing countries) have high spec smartphones. This led Tencent Games to launch a lighter version of the game which runs on reduced storage requirements with fewer graphics.
  4. After the instant hit of PUBG Mobile in the Chinese market, the game failed to adhere to the government’s policies since it had violent visuals with blood and gore. Hence the Government had to ban under the grounds of the adverse effects it might pose in the minds of the young generation.
  5. Do you know about the “Game for Peace”? Tencent republished PUBG under this name to comply with the Chinese government policies after eliminating the blood and gore scenes.
  6. 2017 Awards – Best Multiplayer Game, PC Game of the Year.
    2018 Awards – Action Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay, Excellence in Multiplayer, Trending Game f the Year, Rookie Award, Mobile Game of the Year.
  7. Did you know? Gujarat was the first Indian state to ban PUBG in March 2019 when the local government noticed the game to be portraying violent scenes and stood as a distraction factor during exam season. But this was not imposed in many cities after the end of the exams.
  8. It was the first mobile game to have its advertisement broadcasted on Indian Television
  9. What is the origin behind “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!” Have you been one among those crazy minds like me who thought there is a real chicken dinner treat for the winner?? Well, there might be a fact behind this phrase. This is a victory phrase, especially in gambling. Chicken dinner in Las Vegas cost $2 in the 1930s. So, the person who won the bet won a chicken dinner.
  10. They introduced an Anti-Cheat and Reporting feature in the game. So if you use cheat hacks, you do it at your account’s risk. Because an account found using such hacks are banned from playing for 100years!

FAU-G Game


After the PUBG ban, there is a game reported to be released by the end of October 2020 named “FAU-G” (Fearless And United Guards). Indian actor Akshay Kumar has tweeted the stock image poster of this game. This game is to be launched by one of India’s leading mobile game publishers “nCore Games” which is based out of Bangalore.

It is being developed under the guidance of Vishal Gondal. He was the founder of the game development company named “Indian games” which he later sold to Disney UTV digital. In March 2019, he invested in nCore and got associated with the company as an Advisor

There is an announcement which states that 20% of the game’s revenue will be donated to ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ trust created by the Home Minister of India to support the brave hearts who safeguard the country on the battlefield. Besides this, the company said that this game will let the players know the real struggle of our soldiers in the borders.

A Game is just A Game

A game might be good or bad, it has the only purpose of entertaining you. Nothing more than that. You can play a game during leisure time, but you cannot take it as your hobby.

But why? Gaming can be my hobby as well.

No, hobbies have a real constructive purpose when you take a break from your routine schedule. Think over it.

“Game is for entertainment, it doesn’t entitle your Life”.

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