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Time Management for Students


Are you worried about your Time Management? Want to have a good work/study-life balance?

Me, as a normal human-being was eager to learn about time management skills to achieve a balanced life. And I read a bunch of ways and suggestions across many resources. Yes, I admit they were very inspiring but difficult to be followed in the long run. Time can be compared and analyzed only with your lifestyle, and not with anybody else’s advice. So, the below piece of content won’t have much big explanation or high-fi theories on time management strategies.

“So, why should I read it?”
Most of you must have questioned yourself so. Yes, you should read it. Because, it has been put out in a simple way, really simple that it just concentrates on how time is being spent in your regular day-to-day life without over-thinking. So, you won’t quit practicing time management strategies in the mid.

Introduction - why time management is important?

“Time management is Life Management”
This time management quote answers the question. Time is what you live with. Eventually when you start living with something, the more you get to know about it. So is your time. Don’t force yourself in managing your time, just live with it. Let’s start discussing our regular day-to-day activities, and see how to fit our time in it accordingly.

What is a to-do list? How to maintain a good one?

I want to describe a to-do list as, A record, or a note of your daily routine that starts with a smile.

It is a fair habit of reminding your mind about the things to be accomplished for a day (after all it’s just a human brain, it can forget!!). It helps you to analyze how effectively you have tried to manage your work in a day. That’s why you need a to-do list.
Some of you might already have this habit of writing/planning a to-do-list. But, how many of you stick to it? Or, how many of you feel tiresome to look at this list? Your time is well spent if started with a smile. How will it be to start a day with a smile or with a memory that makes you smile? And that’s exactly how you want your to-do-list to be. Try adding your favorite memory or achievement at the start of your list book. It can be the cover of your book. Believe me, the happiness you get by seeing it, it will be the boost to start with. If you are a creative worker, you can turn your book completely amazing with your creativity. Every time you see it, it will remind you of your potential.


Time management tip 1: Schedule according to energy

“The energy of the mind is the essence of Life.”
                                                                 – Aristotle.

Work needs energy. Doing a work when your mind is bored or exhausted, your result is zero, and eventually, you end up wasting your time. Do your main and difficult task when your activity level is at the peak. The scientific opinion states that a human can do constructive work for an average of 4 hours. If we look into the life habits of great philosophical leaders in history, we could see that they had spent only a few hours in achieving all their remarkable works. The rest of the time would have been dedicated to their private hours. But still, how did they do that? They were able to differentiate their time between zeal and repose.

They categorize their lives around their work, but not their days.

Time management tip 2: Eat the frog first

As said by Mark Twain, eat the frog first.

This was quoted by him while explaining his time management technique. When you finish eating a frog as the first thing in the morning, later you can manage any work during the rest of your day. Since nothing would be worse than eating a frog!!
There will be a task for the day which always kills our time and energy. This probably might be the hectic one, sometimes the important one too. Just take it up and finish it. It creates a great sigh of relief, and you can happily carry forward with the rest later.


Time management tip 3: Clear the mess

“There is something about a clean house and a cleanroom. It does work wonders for the psyche.”
                                                                              -Brian Sansoni

When you start doing work, or while finish doing it, keep your workplace clean. This implies to everybody and every work. You can never find peace with untidy surroundings. Even if it is a small work, a cluttered environment will double it up. Something’s done every day other than doing together once in a week will save time and energy, and cleaning your place is one such work.
Cleaning and Organizing is a practice, not a project.

Time management tip 4: Measure twice, cut once

How often you have thought to verify a work costs extra time? And how often you have come back again to edit the same work?

Verifying or double-checking your work twice is not a waste of time, it is a time gainer. It lets you be confident in your work, so you don’t have to go back to edit mistakes which are the true time-consuming fact.

Time Management Tip 5: Make use of waiting time

At times we come across situations where we need to wait to get a task completed. For instance, waiting in a queue, waiting till the oven timer hits zero, and much more. If you feel if this is killing your time, then you are good to carry on with those teesnsy-weensy tasks if any. But I stress, do this only if you are not stressed out. After all, it is always totally fine for you to spend that time for relaxation. Humans need relaxation in-between.

Time Management Tip 6: Multitasking doesn’t work


Do you want your eyes to swirl in multitasking? You might think it’s expertise accomplishing multitasking. Remember, you are not a computer. Multitasking leads to stressOne at a time is always the best policy. The Pomodoro Technique is one among the famous time management technique which helps you to manage your work efficiently without multitasking and with defined intervals. It also helps you to handle all the distraction factors.

Note: To watch a detailed video explanation on Pomodoro Technique, check out my article on “Online Class Tips and Stress Management”

Time Management Tip 7: Sleep management


Lack of proper sleep has many downsides. One such major demerit is low productivity. You miss to follow your sleep hours and do everything to manage your work under your timing, and then all your efforts are mere waste. Recent days of insomnia has become common in most of us. So how to sleep? Sleep practice without any distractions,

  1. Try to have a proper sleep schedule.
  2. Make sure your mattress, pillows, and room light are set as per your comfort.
  3. You can try some fragrance potion to make your mood at ease.
  4. A neat and clean place always stands as an important mood setter.
  5. Maximum avoid doing study or work activity until the last minute before going to bed.
    Your thoughts will always wander around the last accomplished activity and prevent your brain from getting a relaxed sleep.
  6. Eat the right quantity. But don’t skip eating.
  7. Tell this to yourself, “Tomorrow is going to be a bright day if I have to make the best out of it, I need a proper and sound sleep tonight. Whatever difficulty I had or have to face, a relaxed mind of mine can help me perform very well”. Repeated practice of this will surely show you a difference.

Time Management Techniques

Below I have furnished some work, and time management techniques that appear to be simple and easy to follow in our daily plan. I personally found interest in these approaches; if you are someone who follows some other better technique please feel free to share them in the comment section.

80/20 Rule Pareto analysis:

This technique is helpful when you are not sure to pick the most important task to accomplish on time. Many highly positioned people follow this method to identify the problem causing issues and narrow their focus. To put it simply, this rule tells us 80% of the effective outcome comes from 20% of our work and vice versa. For instance, 20% of a book content renders 80% of the information, 20% of clothes in our wardrobe would be used 80% of your life, 20% of our friends give 80% of happiness.
So, it is important that you just wisely figure out that 20% of your supercharged work.

Eisenhower Time management matrix:

This method is inspired by the work procedure of former U.S. President,  Dwight D. Eisenhower explains to us how to categorize and handle our work efficiently.


GTD – Getting Things Done:

Getting Things Done is the Time management and productivity method described by David Allen. This gives an idea to categorize your minor and major works while helping you in breaking them into actionable work items. 

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As said earlier, it is you who can find the perfect method of managing your work pattern perfectly according to your time and lifestyle. Never procrastinate things. Procrastination of work is a dreadful way of managing your time. However, all this needs a self-disciple and a strong attitude. You might at first find it difficult to keep up to the rules, yet at one phase, you will find yourself naturally adapting to it. Till then, don’t give up.

“The bad news is, Time flies; The good news is, You are the pilot”

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